The Sentinel-6 mission represents a groundbreaking advancement in Earth observation, providing invaluable insights for scientists, environmentalists, and stakeholders worldwide. At the heart of this mission is the cutting-edge radar altimeter instrument, designed to measure sea surface height and monitor key oceanographic parameters with unparalleled accuracy. The Sentinel-6 satellite collects precise data by employing advanced radar technology, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of sea level variations, ocean currents, and climate patterns

Satellite details:

  • Instrument: Poseidon-4 radar altimeter, AMR-C
  • The main instrument on Sentinel-6A, the Poseidon-4 radar altimeter, operates in the Ku-band radar frequency and provides precise measurements of sea surface height
  • Revisit time: Sentinel-6 mission aims to achieve a revisit time of approximately 10 days for global coverage. This means that every location on Earth will be revisited by the Sentinel-6 satellites approximately every 10 days. This frequent coverage allows for continuous monitoring of sea level variations and oceanographic parameters, enabling scientists to study and understand long-term climate patterns, ocean currents, and the overall health of our oceans.

Product typeInstrumentSpatial RangeTemporal RangeType of Access
Level-1POS-4, AMR-CWorldApr-18 - PresentIAD
Level-2POS-4, AMR-CWorldApr-18 - PresentIAD