Open Telekom Cloud

The Open Telekom Cloud is a cloud from Europe for Europe. It is the public cloud offering from Deutsche Telekom and managed by T-Systems and it is recognized as a leading cloud platform by independent analysts (see ISG Provider Lens Public Cloud). It is a cost-effective full-scale IaaS/PaaS that can be offered by relying on standard hardware as well as standardized and automated processes. It is now one of the biggest European clouds still growing massively. 

Regions and availability zones: DE and NL

The services are produced in two regions with six availability zones in total. Region EU-DE is formed by the data centers in Magdeburg and Biere. They are located around 25 km apart from one another. The two availability zones are connected by means of a low-latency, highspeed network. 

The region EU-NL is located from twin-core data centers in the Netherlands, Alsmeer and Almere. The setup of Open Telekom Cloud allows to provide redundant, high availability setup of services. Between EU-DE and EU-NL also fulfilment of highest georedundancy demands is possible. 

Secure operation and wealth of services

As operation is carried out exclusively at European data centers, T-Systems as a German provider fulfills all relevant security requirements and regulations for operation of secure IT services. Various certifications prove the high standard of data protection. 

The Open Telekom Cloud console allows users to select and configure individual components. They can choose from network, computing and storage services. These IaaS basic functions are supplemented by additional services such as Cloud Container Engine (CCE), relational databases, the AI service ModelArts as well as management and security functions. KVM hypervisor is used. Based on OpenStack technology, the risk of a vendor lock-in is minimized. 

Additionally, the data centers are powered by 100% renewable electricity (#GreenMagenta). Hundreds of customers – from large companies to start-ups as well as the public sector – already rely on the Open Telekom Cloud for the operation and development of their services.

The Open Telekom Cloud has been a partner for years for earth observation enterprises like ESA etc.