The Sentinel-3 mission is at the forefront of Earth observation, delivering a wealth of crucial information for scientists, environmentalists, and stakeholders alike. With its advanced optical imaging system, the Sentinel-3 satellite constellation captures data across an impressive range of 13 spectral bands, spanning from visible to infrared wavelengths. This comprehensive multi-spectral capability enables in-depth analysis of diverse Earth phenomena, such as monitoring changes in land cover, assessing vegetation health, examining coastal areas, and tracking inland water dynamics. By leveraging the rich and detailed data provided by Sentinel-3, users gain a deeper understanding of our planet's complex processes, paving the way for informed decision-making, sustainable resource management, and a better future for all.

Satellite details:

  • Instrument: Ocean and Land Colour Instrument (OLCI), Sea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometer (SLSTR), Synthetic Aperture Radar Altimeter (SRAL)
  • Resolution: Varies depending on the instrument and spectral band:
    1. OLCI: 300m (21 spectral bands), 1km (1 spectral band)
    2. SLSTR: 500m (visible and near-infrared spectral bands), 1km (thermal infrared spectral bands)
    3. SRAL: 300m (swath width)
  • Revisit time: Less than 24 hours for OLCI and SLSTR instruments, enabling frequent data acquisition and monitoring of rapidly changing conditions. SRAL data is acquired along the ground track, resulting in a global coverage every 28 days

Product typeInstrumentSpatial RangeTemporal RangeType of Access
OLCI Level-1 NTCOLCIWorldMar-16 - PresentIAD
OLCI Level-1 NRTOLCIWorldLast 1 yearIAD
OLCI Level-2 NTCOLCIWorldMar-16 - PresentIAD
OLCI Level-2 NRTOLCIWorldLast 1 yearIAD
SLSTR Level-1 NTCSLSTRWorldMar-16 - PresentIAD
SLSTR Level-1 NRTSLSTRWorldLast 1 yearIAD
SLSTR Level-2 NTCSLSTRWorldMar-16 - PresentIAD
SLSTR Level-2 NRTSLSTRWorldLast 1 yearIAD
SRAL Level-1 NTCSRALWorldMar-16 - PresentIAD
SRAL Level-1 STCSRALWorldLast 1 monthIAD
SRAL Level-1 NRTSRALWorldLast 1 yearIAD
SRAL Level-2 NTCSRALWorldMar-16 - PresentIAD
SRAL Level-2 STCSRALWorldLast 1 monthIAD
SRAL Level-2 NRTSRALWorldLast 1 yearIAD
SYN Level-2 NTCSYNERGYWorldMar-16 - PresentIAD
SYN Level-2 STCSYNERGYWorldLast 1 monthIAD