EODATA+ gives users access to a wide range of very high resolution satellite data. Diversified sources of archival or new products ordered according to customer's task, gives possibility to choose appropriate product for every project where VHR imaging is crucial.

Depending on the source, VHR imagery varies by product type - it can be optical or radar data. Above all, the diversity lies in the resolution and also over the number and type of bands provided by supported sensors mounted on satellites.

Below are the constellations or individual satellites whose VHR products are available.

Each of the listed constellation operators has its own unique price list, which consists of several factors determining the final price. Therefore, we try to approach each order individually and select the best solution according to technical and budgetary requirements. Therefore, we also encourage you to contact our sales department in order to determine the details of the project.

Each commercial satellite operator, depending on the satellite in question, has different price lists.
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