KGS Space Technology, the operator of the KazEOSat constellation, offers a cutting-edge solution for high-resolution optical imagery of the Earth's surface. The KazEOSat constellation is specifically designed to provide frequent revisits to any point on the planet, ensuring timely and up-to-date data acquisition. Equipped with advanced high-resolution optical cameras, the satellites have the remarkable capability to capture images with a resolution of up to 2.5 meters, enabling detailed and accurate analysis.

Dataset details

Specification of KazEOSat-2 Constellation:

  • Satellite size and weight: Each KazEOSat-2 satellite measures approximately 1.5 meters x 1.5 meters x 2.2 meters and has an estimated weight of around 400 kg.
  • Orbit: The KazEOSat-2 satellites are deployed in a sun-synchronous orbit at an altitude of approximately 600 km.
  • 8 spectral bands, including Blue, Green, Red, Red-edge, Near-infrared 1, Near-infrared 2, Shortwave Infrared 1, and Shortwave Infrared 2.
  • Imaging capabilities: The satellites are equipped with advanced high-resolution optical cameras capable of capturing images with a resolution of up to 0.5 meters. These cameras enable the acquisition of multispectral images in the visible, near-infrared, and shortwave infrared ranges.
  • Revisit time: The KazEOSat-2 constellation is designed to provide frequent revisits to any point on the Earth's surface, with a target of a daily revisit frequency.
  • Mission lifetime: Each satellite is expected to have a mission lifetime of approximately 10 years.
DatasetProduct typeSpatial resolutionRevisit cycleSpectral band
KazEOSatOpticalPanchromatic: 1m
Multi-spectral: 4m
3 daysPanchromatic: 450 - 750nm
Blue: 450 - 600nm
Green: 530 - 600nm
Red: 620 - 690nm
NIR: 760 - 890nm