Storage Services

Open Telekom Cloud provides different storage services: Object storage (OBS), block storage (EVS) and scalable file service (SFS).

Object Storage

Companies and cloud service providers are facing the challenge to keep pace with exponential data growth. This includes not only the physical scaling of the storage itself, but also the administration of large amounts of data. From a consumer perspective, data needs to be available everywhere and all the time. This requires proper security mechanics that ensure that only target consumer services have access to the data.

For these storage demands the Object Storage Service (OBS) is the perfect fit. A highly secure, reliable and scalable storage solution that allows you to store any volume of unstructured data in any format. It is accessible from any location at any time via various accessibility options like REST APIs. OBS provides different storage classes allowing you to cost-effectively manage your data depending on your accessibility demands. The warm storage class is suitable for infrequently accessed data. It offers lower storage costs at a slightly higher latency compared to the standard class while cold storage class is the best fit for rarely accessed data, such as archives where access does not need to be real-time.

With OBS, Open Telekom Cloud can offer geo-redundant data replication between regions.

Elastic Volume Storage

Clouds decouple computing and storage resources from the associated physical hardware. This allows you to easily scale your cloud infrastructure and components separately from one another. Storage is one of the main parts of your cloud server and is where your operating system and application data lie, making it an essential component within your cloud infrastructure. 

The Open Telekom Cloud Elastic Volume Service (EVS) is the scalable block storage solution for your Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) or Bare Metal Server (BMS). Multiple disk types are available, allowing you to make use of the most cost-efficient disk for your type of application. EVS disks are easily scalable and enable you to attach up to 60 of them to your servers. It is even possible to share EVS disks across up to 16 servers. Disks start at 10 GB and can be scaled up to 32 TB per disk.

Scalable File Service

When working on projects, you may face the situation that you need data to be accessed by multiple servers or services. Or, when using a container engine like the Cloud Container Engine (CCE), a persistent storage service or data storage for multiple containers may be required.

The Scalable File Service (SFS) is the perfect fit for these demands. SFS combines the the scalability of Object Storage Service (OBS) with the performance of Elastic Volume Storage (EVS) while providing the convenience of data availability for all network participants. SFS is currently available in two different speed types with two additional sizing options each. The SSD-based file shares can conveniently be integrated via NFSv3 protocol and are optimized for IO and smaller file sizes. SFS is made available within a high-availability cluster and can optionally be protected by backups created via the Cloud Backup & Recovery (CBR) service. This service stores your backup data on the OBS, meaning that it is automatically replicated on multiple Open Telekom Cloud availability zones (AZs), protecting it against AZ outages.

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