Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem becomes the main Copernicus endpoint

Copernicus Open Access Hub ceases operations at the end of October 2023.

Latest CREODIAS statistics

67 PB EODATA size

26 TB data daily growth

99,9% API availability

EO Data
Cloud environment
User tools

The connection of
Earth and Space

Open and free Earth Observation (EO) data, immediately available online. Access to
big collections of Copernicus data with rich access interfaces.

Higher resolution means more precision

Explore our range of VHR (very high resolution) optical and radar imagery
from multiple sources.

Cloud environment

Do you need reliable and high-performance cloud computing? Take a look at the offer and check out its capabilities.

Access and processing simplicity.

We provide a wide range of tools and software for projects using
Earth Observation data

All big solutions started from Data

Data Explorer

User friendly tool for searching, browsing and processing satellite data, that reduces the workload required to incorporate this data into the production process.

Processing center

Product Generation as a Service (PGaaS) is a serverless processing service, which allows easy mass processing of EO products without using virtual machines.

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