KGS Space Technology

KGS Space Technology, the operator of the KazEOSat constellation, offers a cutting-edge solution for high-resolution optical imagery of the Earth's surface. The KazEOSat constellation is specifically designed to provide frequent revisits to any point on the planet, ensuring timely and up-to-date data acquisition. Equipped with advanced high-resolution optical cameras, the satellites have the remarkable capability to capture images with a resolution of up to 2.5 meters, enabling detailed and accurate analysis.

Dataset details

KGS Space Technology's commitment to delivering high-resolution optical imagery, combined with Creodias' advanced platform and services, creates a powerful synergy. Together, they enable users to unlock the full potential of Earth observation data, supporting sustainable development, environmental monitoring, and improved resilience in the face of evolving challenges. By harnessing the capabilities of the KazEOSat constellation, KGS Space Technology contribute to a better future by fostering innovation, knowledge, and actionable information for a wide range of industries and applications.

DatasetProduct typeSpatial resolutionRevisit cycleSpectral band
KazEOSatOpticalPanchromatic: 1m
Multi-spectral: 4m
3 daysPanchromatic: 450 - 750nm
Blue: 450 - 600nm
Green: 530 - 600nm
Red: 620 - 690nm
NIR: 760 - 890nm