The Jillin-1 constellation combines compact satellite size, advanced imaging capabilities, and a sun-synchronous orbit to deliver high-quality Earth observation data. With its agile imaging system, the constellation can capture detailed imagery across multiple spectral bands, facilitating various applications such as land cover monitoring, environmental assessment, and disaster response. The frequent revisits and daily revisit target enable users to monitor dynamic changes on the Earth's surface with enhanced temporal resolution.

Dataset details

Specification of Jillin-1 Constellation:

  • Satellite size and weight: Each Jillin-1 satellite measures approximately 70 cm x 70 cm x 80 cm and has an estimated weight of around 150 kg.
  • Orbit: The Jillin-1 satellites are deployed in a sun-synchronous orbit at an altitude of approximately 600 km.
  • 4 spectral bands, including Blue, Green, Red, and Near-infrared.
  • Imaging capabilities: The satellites are equipped with high-resolution optical cameras capable of capturing images with a resolution of up to 1 meter. These cameras enable the acquisition of multispectral images in the visible and near-infrared ranges.
  • Revisit time: The Jillin-1 constellation is designed to provide frequent revisits to any point on the Earth's surface, with a target of a daily revisit frequency.
  • Mission lifetime: Each satellite is expected to have a mission lifetime of approximately 7 years.
DatasetProduct typeSpatial resolutionRevisit cycleSpectral band
Jilin-1OpticalPanchromatic: 0.72m
Multi-spectral: 2.88m
3.3 daysPanchromatic: 612 - 794nm
Blue: 457 - 526nm
Green: 540 - 595nm
Red: 628 - 688nm
Simulated NIR: 700 - 800nm