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30th January 2024

Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem in numbers

Since the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem was launched in January 2023, it has served huge amount of satellite data from the Copernicus Earth Observation programme. In October 2023 the platform became ESA’s first and main distribution site for Sentinel-1, 2, 3 and 5P data.

5th January 2024

EGU2024 call for abstracts

You are welcome to submit your abstract for the session we are co-organizing „New opportunities and insights from Copernicus satellite imagery open data infrastructures”.

22nd December 2023

Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem 2023 highlights

Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem has become the primary source of Earth Observation data from the Copernicus space programme in November 2023. Since the kick-off in January 2023, the number of users has grown significantly, reaching 95 000 in mid-December.

14th December 2023

Kubernetes as a Service on WAW3-2 cloud now with fast NVMe storage master nodes

Kubernetes clusters can be provisioned on WAW3-2 cloud via OpenStack Magnum, in a platform as a service model. We have now added the capability of provisioning master nodes of these clusters with fast NVMe storage.