CloudFerro Cloud

As a cloud service provider, CloudFerro stands out with its dedicated focus on Earth Observation (EO) markets. Their integration with EODATA Creodias repository, provides access to Copernicus EO data, comfortable tools for users, and a public computing cloud tailored to public administration, academia, and business projects. This platform offers a unique blend of data processing, data acquisition and distribution, high-resolution imaging, making it an ideal choice for modern agriculture and other industries heavily reliant on EO data

CloudFerro not only provides flexible, specialized solutions tailored to the user's needs, but also features effective cost models, a wide range of additional services, and dedicated technical support. It's trusted by major organizations including the European Space Agency (ESA), EUMETSAT, ECMWF, DLR, and many others, showcasing its ability to handle large data sets and its specialization in the realm of big data

CloudFerro, a specialist in delivering EO cloud services, offers is comercial services on CREODIAS platform, encompassing four distinct public cloud regions: WAW3-1, WAW3-2, CF2, and FRA1-2. Each region, situated in different data centers (DCs), provides its own unique services and pricing schemes. This arrangement ensures a balanced distribution of resources and a high level of reliability in service delivery.

Cloud Regions and locations

The WAW3-1 and WAW3-2 regions are housed in the WAW3 Data Center in Warsaw. Despite sharing the same data center, these regions retain significant independence. They share power, colocation, and some aspects of internet infrastructure, but their services, pricing, and management remain separate. This arrangement provides a resilient and adaptable cloud experience tailored to customer needs. Notably, WAW3-2 should be the primary choice for Earth Observation (EO) related workloads, as it offers the most computing resources among all locations.

CF2, situated in the WAW2 Data Center in Warsaw, stands separate from the WAW3 and FRA1 regions. This distinction enhances the overall availability and resilience of CloudFerro's services. As CF2 is the oldest region and located closest to the EODATA repository, it has less support for Managed Kubernetes solutions.

Completing the list of CloudFerro's cloud regions is FRA1-2, located in the FRA1 Data Center in Frankfurt. This region adds another layer of resource availability and service diversity, thereby extending the reach of CloudFerro's services.

In addition to these regions, CloudFerro also provides centralized services such as panel and billing services that are available across all regions. This centralized system ensures a consistent and seamless user experience across all of CloudFerro's regions.

Why choose the CloudFerro public cloud?

Choosing the CloudFerro Public Cloud provides numerous benefits including immediate, high-speed access to a wealth of EO data, more efficient resource usage, premium support that understands Earth Observation workloads and faster processing times. These benefits make CloudFerro a preferable choice for long-term usage of well-defined environments with understood needs.

Integration of EODATA with CloudFerro Clouds

CloudFerro integrates EO Data access directly into each Virtual Machine (VM). This means that applications have immediate, high-speed access to a wealth of EO data, eliminating the need for time-consuming data transfers. This integration results in faster processing times, more efficient resource usage, and ultimately, a smoother, more responsive user experience.