Bare Metals

Bare Metal Machines are physical servers with no virtualization. There is no any virtualization overhead on those servers. In the CloudFerro Cloud, Bare Metal Machines are nearly as easy to provision and run as the virtual ones. They can be connected to Virtual Networks and specially to EO Cloud network with EO Data. Users can perform actions such as start/stop/reboot/reinstall etc. Some of the standard actions available for VM-s such as snapshot are not available in Bare Metal Machines.

Bare Metal Machines are available for NBD (Next Business Day) provisioning and can be used in several predefined configurations as shown in the pricelist. Currently there are three flavours of Bare Metal servers as shown in the table below:

Bare Metals
Bare Metals
ProcessorIntel Xeon E5-1650 v2 (6 cores@3.5GHz)

Performance depends on the machine flavour selected. Bare Metal Machines are available with 1 or 2 physical processors, up to 8 cores per processor, up to 1TB of RAM and 1 or 10Gbps network interfaces. The performance of these machines is neither limited by resource sharing nor by the overhead of a hypervisor.
List of current Bare Metal flavours is presented above.

Bare Metal Machines are provisioned semi-automatically from the EO Cloud Customer Portal. They may be based on the same OS templates as normal VM-s, they may also be connected to the same private tenant Virtual Networks in the same manner as VM-s.

Bare Metal Machines are exclusively dedicated to a single tenant with no resource overbooking. This make them especially suitable for tasks where high, predictable performance is expected.

Bare-Metal Machines are only available in Fixed Term billing mode.