Object Storage

Object storage


Object Storage is a scalable storage for objects/files with HTTP REST interface. All objects/files operations are performed via REST API. Objects/files can be organized into buckets which act as standard file directories. User can also define access policy for buckets and objects/files. The API is compatible with Amazon S3 so existing AWS S3 tools can be used to manage objects/files and buckets on the storage. Users can also manage objects/files in an easy way via the Cloud Dashboard. The storage can be accessible from the public Internet and from VMs.


Object Storage can be used when communication between different Projects or Domains is required or when data is to be made available for the outside world via Internet.


Like Volume Storage.


  • It is highly advisable to put not more than 1 Mil (1 000 000) objects into one bucket (container).
  • More objects makes listing of the objects very inefficient.
  • Single file should have not more than 5GB using S3FS.

We suggest to create many buckets with small amount of objects instead of small amount of buckets with many objects.

Figure 2 - Containers