The Pleiades product is an image that has been corrected (viewing angle and ground effects), so that it can be superimposed on a map. Radiometric and geometric adjustments, and the use of a 3D model to reproduce relief, mean that all ‘perspective’ effects are eliminated, simulating a vertical shot. A Pléiades DTM with 5m posting is used for ground corrections and gives the best compromise between accuracy and aesthetics of the ortho-image.

Product details

The archive imagery gives you access to unique historical high- resolution data collected over the last three decades and spanning over 100 billion km2 (i.e. covering the land mass over 700 times).

DatasetProduct typeSpatial resolutionRevisit cycleSpectral band
PleiadesOpticalPanchromatic: 0.5m
Multi-spectral: 2m
1 dayPanchromatic: 480 - 820nm
Blue: 450 - 530nm
Green: 510 - 590nm
Red: 620 - 700nm
Simulated NIR: 775 - 915nm

SatelliteMinimum order sizeMinimum width
Pleiades & Vision-125km2500m in any direction
SPOT 6/7100km25km in any direction
SPOT 1-53,600km21 scene