Sentinel-2 L2A

All data acquired by the Sentinel-2 MSI instrument are systematically processed to Level-1C. This processing level provides orthorectified Top-Of-Atmosphere (TOA) reflectance, with sub-pixel multispectral registration. Cloud and land/water masks are included in the product.

The Level-1C product is composed of 100x100 km2 tiles (ortho-images in UTM/WGS84 projection) and results from using a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) to project the image in cartographic geometry. Per-pixel radiometric measurements are provided as TOA reflectances (Top Of Atmosphere) along with the parameters to transform them into radiances. Level-1C products are resampled with a constant Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) of 10, 20 and 60 m depending on the native resolution of the different spectral bands. In Level-1C products, pixel coordinates refer to the upper left corner of the pixel. Level-1C products will additionally include Cloud Masks and ECMWF data (total column of ozone, total column of water vapour and mean sea level pressure).

SLC products are images in the slant range of satellite data acquisition. Each image pixel is represented by a complex (I and Q) magnitude value and therefore contains both amplitude and phase information. Each I and Q value is 16 bits per pixel. The processing for all SLC products results in a single look in each dimension using the full available signal bandwidth. The imagery is geo-referenced using orbit and attitude data from the satellite. SLC images are produced in a zero Doppler geometry. This convention is common with the standard slant range products available from other SAR sensors.

Availability / Temporal coverageEurope coverage:  2015-07- now
World coverage:  2015-07 - now
UpdatesSystematic continuous ingestion
Access interfacesData Explorer
S3 from cloud environment
S3 Remote Transfer
Path to repository/eodata/Sentinel-1/MSI/L1C
Data TypeOrthorectified Top-Of-Atmosphere (TOA) reflectance
File FormatJPEG
Processing LevelLEVEL1
Resto PlatformS1A,S1B
Resto CollectionL1C
Resto InstrumentMSI
Vertical Coverage46.5N - 55.0N
Horizontal Coverage5.0E - 14.6E