Sentinel-1 L0 RAW

The Sentinel-1 SAR Level-0 products collection comprises compressed and unfocused SAR raw data, forming the fundamental building blocks for generating high-level products. These Level-0 products encompass data generated from all four imaging modes of Sentinel-1, namely:

  • Stripmap (SM)
  • Interferometric Wide Swath (IW)
  • Extra Wide Swath (EW)
  • Wave (WV)

Product details

Level-0 SAR products contain the raw SAR data from the unprocessed Instrument Source Packets (ISP). Level-0 products are sub-divided into four product classes:

  • SAR Level-0 standard, representing the stream of ISPs containing SAR echo, calibration or noise signal
  • SAR Level-0 calibration, represent the calibration pulses as extracted from the SAR ISPs stream
  • SAR Level-0 noise, represent the noise and noise-equivalent pulses as extracted from the SAR ISPs stream
  • SAR Level-0 annotation, contain the primary and secondary headers extracted from the SAR ISPs strea

Level-0 products serve as the foundational data sets, providing valuable information for further analysis and processing. These products encompass a range of data, offering single polarisation mode (either HH or VV) for general applications. However, for more advanced modes like SM, IW, and EW, Level-0 products go a step further by incorporating dual polarisation modes. This entails the inclusion of both HH+HV or VV+VH polarisation modes, granting researchers and analysts a comprehensive view of the target area.

To ensure accessibility and ease of use, the data within Level-0 products are conveniently organized. In the case of dual polarisation data, each polarisation mode is segregated into separate files within the Level-0 product. This segregation simplifies data handling, enabling users to focus on specific polarisation modes of interest without unnecessary complexity. By providing this detailed and structured data, Level-0 products facilitate the subsequent stages of data processing, analysis, and interpretation, empowering users to extract valuable insights from the rich information contained within.

Availability / Temporal coverageEurope: Jan-21 - Present
World: Oct-14 - Present-1 year
Rest of World: Last 1 year
UpdatesSystematic continuous ingestion
Access interfacesData Explorer
S3 from cloud environment
S3 Remote Transfer
Path to repository/eodata/Sentinel-1/SAW/RAW
Sensor ModeEW, IW, SM, WV
Data TypeUnfocused SAR raw data
File FormatGeoTIFF
Processing LevelLEVEL0
Resto PlatformS1A,S1B
Resto CollectionRAW
Resto InstrumentSAR
Vertical Coverage46.5N - 55.0N
Horizontal Coverage5.0E - 14.6E