Technical specifications: SENTINEL-2 is a European wide-swath, high-resolution, multi-spectral imaging mission. The full mission specification of the twin satellites flying in the same orbit but phased at 180°, is designed to give a high revisit frequency of 5 days at the Equator. SENTINEL-2 carries an optical instrument payload that samples 13 spectral bands: four bands at 10 m, six bands at 20 m and three bands at 60 m spatial resolution. The orbital swath width is 290 km.
Instruments: MSI (Multi Spectral Instrument). Optical: 443nm - 2190nm.
Launched on Jun. 23, 2014 - till now.
Observation Period At Equator days(**)
Processing L1C
Processing Info Top-Of-Atmosphere reflectancy
Resolution 10m - 60m (depending on wavelength)
Spatial Coverage Whole world (coverage as published by ESA)
Temporal Coverage Complete mission activity