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EODATA+ gives users access to a wide range of very high resolution satellite data. Diversified sources of archival or new products ordered according to customer's task, gives possibility to choose appropriate product for every project where VHR imaging is crucial.

Depending on the source, VHR imagery varies by product type - it can be optical or radar data. Above all, the diversity lies in the resolution and also over the number and type of bands provided by supported sensors mounted on satellites.

Below are the constellations or individual satellites whose VHR products are available. For individual vendors, searching the archives is possible on our Finder platform. For the satellites listed below, the user has the possibility to order archive and new task products.

Each of the listed constellation operators has its own unique price list, which consists of several factors determining the final price. Therefore, we try to approach each order individually and select the best solution according to technical and budgetary requirements. Therefore, we also encourage you to contact our sales department in order to determine the details of the project.

Commercial optical data offer

Dataset Product type Spatial resolution Revisit cycle Spectral band
Jilin-1 Optical Panchromatic: 0.72 m 3.3 days

Panchromatic: 612nm - 794nm
Blue: 457nm - 526nm
Green: 540nm - 595nm
Red: 628nm - 688nm
Simulated NIR: 700nm - 800nm

Multi-spectral: 2.88 m
Video: 0.92 m

Full details about Jilin-1 constellation and available products please read this documentation.

Dataset Product type Spatial resolution Revisit cycle Spectral band
KazEOSat Optical Panchromatic: 1 m 3 days

Panchromatic: 450nm - 750nm
Blue: 450nm - 600nm
Green: 530nm - 600nm
Red: 620nm - 690nm
NIR: 760nm - 890nm

Multi-spectral: 4 m

In case of archive images of KazEOSAT satellites the user can search the vendor repository himself using our Finder tool. By selecting the KazEOSat collection, time period and area of interest you can quickly obtain a list and preview of available images. If you are a new user and don't know how to perform a search in our Finder tool, please visit the FAQ section and follow the tutorial where we show you how to do it.

However, the commercial vendor archives are not as large as the Copernicus data, where time-series acquisitions are performed. Each commercial provider presents their archives differently. In the case of KazEOSat, these are long and narrow tiles.

For full information about KazEOSat constellation please review this documentation.


Dataset Product type Spatial resolution Revisit cycle Spectral band
(2, 3, 3A, 5)
Optical/SAR Panchromatic: 0.4 m / 0.5 m 1.4 days

Panchromatic: 450nm - 900nm
Blue: 450nm - 520nm
Green: 520nm - 600nm
Red: 630nm - 690nm
NIR: 760nm - 900nm

Multi-spectral: 1.6 m / 2.0 m

Brochure of KOMPSAT Satellites is available here.

If you are interested in purchasing VHR images, please contact our sales department:



Dataset Product type Spatial resolution Revisit cycle Spectral band
Optical Panchromatic: 0.31 m 1 day

Coastal Blue : 400nm - 450nm
Blue: 450nm - 510nm
Green: 510nm - 580nm
Yellow: 585nm - 625nm
Red: 630nm - 690nm
Red-edge: 705nm - 745nm
NIR-IR1: 770nm - 895nm
NIR-IR2: 860
nm - 1040nm

Multi-spectral: 1.24 ,