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Powerful and secure Dedicated Server Virtual Machines

Dedicated Server Virtual Machines (VM.DS) are a special kind of Virtual Machines that use an entire physical server in order to create a Virtual Server intended for one Client. Thanks to this, the VM.DS guarantees to the owner the power of the whole processor, RAM and a network bandwidth. Additionally, the solution is equipped with very efficient NVMe/SSD disks installed in a pass-through mode.

VM.DS offers the lowest cost of computing power in the cloud of all available solutions. Allowing long-term savings up to 78% compared to other configurations, it ensures a greater physical security, dedicated resources and very fast local NVMe disks.

This option combines the advantages of Virtual Machines cloud environment access with the advantages of physical servers – the separation of resources, a direct access to graphics cards, very fast local disks, an increased security and an easy licensing. VM.DS are therefore an ideal solution for clients expecting efficiency as well as the independence of bare metal solutions and a wide functionality of OpenStack.


  • One physical server dedicated to one client
  • No sharing of resources
  • Configuration optimized for various applications
  • Possibility to start at any given moment
  • A unique solution combining the advantages of physical servers and a cloud
  • Possibility to purchase a unique configuration adapted to the Client’s needs
  • Optimized for long runs

Dedicated Server Virtual Machine is the best solution that guarantees a long-term processing power combining the advantages of a cloud solution and a physical server.


Dedicated Servers* Pay per use Monthly Half yearly Yearly
Available DSs #vCores RAM (GB) SSD NVMe Local Storage (GB) per hour per month per month per month
ds.medium 40 (20 cores) 48 2 x 500 1,618 689,99 429,79 244,86
ds.large 40 (20 cores) 112 2x 1000 1,965 837,45 519,53 294,21
ds.2xlarge 40 (20 cores) 368 2x 1920 2,968 1 266,00 787,50 450,00
ds.3xlarge 48 (24 cores) 496 2x 1920 3,641 1 552,96 966,00 552,00
ds.large.gpu** 40 (20 cores) 112 2x 1000 3,287 1 400,75 860,92 481,98
ds.large.gpu(old)*** 40 (20 cores) 118 2x 1000 3,242 2 101,12 860,92 481,98
ds.3xlarge.4gpu**** 48 (24 cores) 496 2x 1920 10,974 6 321,00 3 870,00 2 580,00

* If the above configurations do not fit your project, please contact our sales team ( to design a custom solution.
** ds.large.gpu is equipped with GeForce RTX 2080Ti (4352 CUDA Cores, 11GB GDDR6).
*** ds.large.gpu(old) previous ds.gpu configuration with GeForce GTX 1080 Ti and is still supported.
**** ds.3xlarge.4gpu is equipped with 4x GeForce RTX 2080Ti (4352 CUDA Cores, 11GB GDDR6).