AI-based satellite image enhancer and mosaicking tools

AI-based satellite image enhancer and mosaicking tools

Satellite imagery forms the input for the creation of many information products and services, such as land cover maps or high-resolution layers of land cover characteristics. EOfactory has made it possible to perform mosaicking of multiple images automatically, vastly reducing the manual labor required to ensure the images fit together precisely geometrically. Built-in color balancing tool helps to give seamless stitching even if the sub-datasets are different from dates and different radiometric resolutions.

In addition to the natural colors and seamless view, users also benefit from accurate spatial details that are perfect for monitoring. AI-based Image Super Enhancer tool takes advantage of all types of imagery data, including satellite imagery, and improves its spatial resolution up to four times. This gives users a better visualization and understanding of the features on the ground.

Thanks to the implementation of CREODIAS, the leading European EO cloud, EOfactory was able to achieve a technical solution that can computationally process massive data volumes on the cloud, and this could range from the scale of a city to country-wide mosaics, in just a matter of hours. The final mosaic product is totally view-ready in a GIS solution and can be easily streamed anywhere using our API. This introduces big savings on production efforts, infrastructure costs, and data storage.

Four city mosaics of Berlin, Munich, Warsaw, and Manila were generated using Sentinel-2 data from 2022. EOfactory then applied the AI-based Image Super Enhancer tool to the original Sentinel-2 mosaics of 10m resolution and improved them up to 5m (two times). Check out the best-performing results here →

International Partnership

Urbetho CF provides support to EO cloud users, enriching the portfolio of cloud, data, and application providers and integrating their solutions onto the cloud. Urbetho CF brings together partners to get out the most of EO data – in a fast, reliable, and cost-efficient manner. More on

EOFactory is a leading AI-based solution provider for Earth Observation applications in the APAC region. The company helps enterprises worldwide harness EO data to achieve their sustainability implementation and reporting goals by offering an AI-driven platform that connects Governments, students, Engineers, Scientists, and Businesses. More on

CloudFerro is a leading cloud services provider for the European space sector, specializing in storing and processing big data sets, such as multi-petabyte repositories of EO satellite data. The company is involved in many projects like CDSE, CREODIAS, CODE-DE, WEkEO, and others. More on

Bringing these competencies together leads to powerful and innovative solutions that can be implemented worldwide. Contact us at for more details and stay tuned for the upcoming webinar on March 8 (registrations on



Sen4CAP ready to use solution on CREODIAS 

The Sen4CAP software is available on CREODIAS cloud environment as an easy to run image. When this image is installed on a CREODIAS Virtual Machine, any user can run the Sen4CAP software, benefitting both from direct access to the complete Copernicus Sentinel satellite data repository and dynamically scalable processing opportunities of the CREODIAS cloud computing environment.

In order to meet the needs of Paying Agencies and the companies supporting them, we advise on the choice of the size of the environment and provide support in terms of substantive knowledge about Sen4CAP software itself and the use of satellite data in it. Thanks to the customer support and constant contact with the users of our service, we consult with software manufacturers on all the information obtained in order to develop it continuously.

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