31st October 2023

Updates of Windows VMs in CloudFerro Cloud

To simplify and enhance your experience while mitigating any operational or billing issues, we have recently implemented some important changes to CloudFerro cloud capabilities.

Running Windows on Virtual Machines (VMs) on the CloudFerro cloud has been enhanced to ensure greater efficiency and flexibility for our clients. Before the changes, users were able to install Windows on any VM, which led to complications in billing, VM migration, and increased costs. To address these issues, improvements have been implemented and now Windows can only be installed on specialized VMs identified with a "w" in their name on WAW3-1 and CF2 instances. These new flavors include the cost of a Windows license, streamlining billing and operational procedures. This also enables both pay-per-use (PPU) and pay-as-you-go (PAYG) billing models to support Windows OS.

What does it mean for the existing clients?

If you already are the CloudFerro client, you do not need to take any action — your current VMs will continue to function as usually. For new Windows VMs, make sure to select these new specialized flavors. The new VM types are optimized to leverage the full capabilities of the physical servers they run on and optimize the cost of licenses.

In addition, new Windows compatibility to FRA1-2 and WAW3-2 instances have also been added to respond to the clients’ demand.

For specialized Windows needs which are not covered by these new flavors, please contact your account manager for tailored solutions.