2nd May 2023

The Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem – what’s new?

The Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem was launched in January 2023 to provide the largest EO data offering in the world, with outstanding discovery and download capabilities, and a set of data processing tools. Since then, it has been continuously developed. CloudFerro, CREODIAS operator, plays a key role in a Consortium that is building the new service.

Here are some new features introduced recently that users can take advantage from:

  • New Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem portal with enriched UI design.
  • Major functional upgrade for Copernicus Browser – improved UI, new product types are available for searching, and the Browser is now available for non-registered users.
  • S3 API available – one can now use S3 to access Earth Observation data on Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem.
  • On-Demand Production API for non-ESA IPF processors. The first release of the ordering of product generation through the API is available.
  • Sentinel products started to be traced. Users will be able to track the lifecycle of a data product. The lifecycle begins when the product is created, it includes the copying to a number of archives and a possible deletion thereof, and it will ultimately end when a product is marked as obsolete. The trace information is now available for currently ingested new EO products and will be gradually generated for the remaining products in the repository.

Next major functional upgrades of the platform are planned for July 2023.