27th May 2024

Spot Instances publicly available on WAW3-2 CloudFerro cloud

CloudFerro is now offering spot instances to the public, providing a cost-effective solution for using CloudFerro unused cloud capacity. This solution is suitable for batch processing, data analysis, and other interruptible workloads. Spot instances come at almost 70% lower price in comparison to regular on-demand instances.

Spot instances provide users with all the fundamental functionalities of regular VMs but with the proviso that the VMs can be terminated at any moment. All clients with projects deployed in the WAW3-2 cloud can run this type of VM.

If you need a larger quota than the one set now, please contact your sales representative or customer support. Spot VMs are based on AMD processors and offer high volumes of RAM in standard flavors. In the upcoming months, we plan to expand our offer by adding ARM-based and GPU-equipped flavors.

To check the prices of spot instances, please go to the price list.