27th March 2024

Save on cloud costs with Spots on CloudFerro cloud

Users can now save on cloud resources costs as they gain access to CloudFerro cloud instances at significantly reduced prices compared to standard VMs. CloudFerro has launched an open beta programme for Spot instances in WAW3-2 cloud, which offers a reasonable cost-effective alternative for cloud computing needs.

The programme gives users access to instances at significantly reduced prices compared to standard VMs, leveraging unused cloud resources. SPOT instances provide users with all fundamental functionalities of regular VMs but with the proviso that the VMs can be terminated at any moment by CloudFerro, resulting in the deletion of all resources provisioned within VM definition, including storage.

Designed for stateless workloads that can tolerate interruptions, Spot instances are particularly suited for batch processing tasks, such as the analysis of Earth observation data, where immediate completion is not critical. This makes them an attractive option for projects seeking to minimize costs without stringent uptime requirements.

Users interested in participating in the open beta for Spot instances should contact their CloudFerro sales representative for more information. The programme represents an opportunity to explore the benefits of Spot instances in a live environment providing feedback that can shape the service's future development. Spot flavors are available as private in selected projects. Spot instances will be available for all users in the following months.

For a detailed list of supported operating systems, images, and further information on provisioning, termination, and billing, please go to the CloudFerro cloud documentation and the Horizon dashboard.