23rd March 2023

New improved Sen4CAP 3.2 available on CREODIAS

A new virtual machine image with Sen4CAP version 3.2 is available on the CREODIAS platform. It comes with many bugfixes and improvements:

  • An update to a new CREODIAS API for data discovery and download
  • A resolved issue with the generation of level-3 and level-4 products before the level-2 (pre-processed) products were available for the past vegetation seasons
  • The USGS data source was adjusted to retrieve products after 20 October 2022 (API changes)
  • Automatic verification of Sentinel-1B data availability and suitable adjustment of the master/slave interval (6/12 days) during Sentinel-1 coherence computation
  • Availability of additional statistics for marker database i.e. median, 25 & 75 percentiles
  • Enhanced site creation dialogue in the web interface.

Funding for Sen4CAP service on the CREODIAS platform is available through the ESA Network of Resources (NoR) scheme as a Data processing as a Service (DPaaS).

For more information, please us at sales@creodias.eu.