29th February 2024

Improved cloud connectivity with German National Research and Education Network

European users can now benefit from CloudFerro’s significantly improved network infrastructure at the FRA2 cloud location in Frankfurt, Germany, thanks to a new 100 Gbit/s peering agreement between CloudFerro and the Deutsches Forschungsnetz (DFN). This upgrade, along with its existing connection to the GÉANT Network at this location, provides top-notch connectivity options for European researchers and data scientists.

The network upgrade will bring great benefits to the scientific and educational communities, who will now gain faster access to large data repositories. It will facilitate collaboration on projects, both locally and around the world.

The Deutsches Forschungsnetz (DFN) is Germany’s leading research and education network, providing advanced communication infrastructure to support the country’s scientific, academic, and research communities. It offers a wide range of services, including high-speed internet access, connectivity to national and international research networks, and tools for collaborative projects. DFN plays a crucial role in facilitating seamless data exchange and enabling collaborative efforts among researchers, educators, and students across Germany and beyond, thereby supporting the advancement of knowledge and innovation in various fields.

It is worth noting that EU researchers and scientists can receive funding for cloud resources from the OCRE project (Open Clouds for Research Environments), which aims to foster cloud adoption, offering ready-made service contracts bringing together cloud providers, Earth Observation (EO) organisations and the research and education community. To find out more about OCRE, please visit: https://cloudferro.com/ocre-open-clouds-for-research-environments/