20th February 2023

Data Explorer – a new service for exploring EO data

In addition to the previously announced upcoming launch of the new EODATA catalogue, we are happy to provide you with a new frontend service for searching and exploring data - Data Explorer. This is a new service that draws on the last few years of our and our users' experience.

From now on, Data Explorer will provide such features as:

  • uploading your own AOI in Polygon (geojson, kml)
  • supporting for multipolygon (.wkt)
  • advanced, more intuitive searching
  • searching by type e.g. Optical, Radar, Altimetry, DEM
  • on-the-fly created Query URL

Along with Data Explorer, users will gain access to an additional feature called Workspace, in which you will be able to do the following with greater ease:

  • order fresh data
  • order archived data
  • order data that requires processing
  • view your orders
  • track the progress of your orders
  • view the history of your orders in one place.

Our previous Finder tool is still available, however, as of February 20th it will no longer be supported and developed. Finder uses a new catalogue and includes both - old and new products, however, some services may have limited functionalities.

Therefore, we recommend using the new Data Explorer solution.

Please see FAQs regarding Data Explorer: