30th January 2024

Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem in numbers

Since the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem was launched in January 2023, it has served huge amount of satellite data from the Copernicus Earth Observation programme. In October 2023 the platform became ESA’s first and main distribution site for Sentinel-1, 2, 3 and 5P data. A recently published dashboard shows which EO data from the Copernicus programme are the most popular among its users.

Source: https://dashboard.dataspace.copernicus.eu/#/service-insight (as of 30 Jan 2024)

Since the launch until today, over 145,000 users have registered to the system. So far, the users have downloaded more than 20 PetaBytes of satellite data from 64 PB of Sentinel products published.

Not only the number of Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem users and products are impressive. Let’s take a look at the performance of the IT infrastructure serving the data to users all over the world. The measured average download speed exceeds 90 MB/s, and the average time to wait for a response from the data catalogue is below 700 ms. This are strong results especially in relation the number of published products that exceeds 100 million, and is growing at a rate of 2 million products (~950 TB) per month. Only in December 2023, users displayed satellite images 31 million times.

Looking at individual missions, by far the most popular is the Sentinel-2 data, with more than 238 million downloaded products totalling 16PB (82% of all downloads). The total number of products available to the user is 66.52 M, and the entire collection occupies 35.3 PB, taking into account the already partly available ESA reprocessing data (Collection 1).

Sentinel-3 is a runner-up in terms of the number of products downloaded is, with 6 M products downloaded with a total size of more than 3.6 PB. The entire mission consists of more than 17 M products with a total size of more than 5 PB.

Considering the size of products downloaded, Sentinel-1 (3.5 M products, 5.1 PB) takes the second place. The total number of products available is 10.8 M with a total size of 20.8 PB. Sentinel-5P data was downloaded almost 2 M times, and the size of the transferred files exceeded 750 TB. A total of 4.2 M products are available, 1.7 PB of data.

Regularly updated data are available on the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem panel that you can check out on https://dashboard.dataspace.copernicus.eu/#/service-insight