22nd December 2023

Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem 2023 highlights

Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem has become the primary source of Earth Observation data from the Copernicus space programme in November 2023. Since the kick-off in January 2023, the number of users has grown significantly, reaching 95 000 in mid-December. The users come from worldwide Earth Observation communities, including science, universities and the general public.

As of now, the priority was set to provide access to the user-level EO datasets, which were enriched recently with new data, including Auxiliary, Engineering and POD type, which are mainly accessible to expert users only. In addition, the new Sentinel-2 Quarterly Mosaics are available on the Copernicus Browser in the Visualize panel, providing the ability to view the EO data in a very user-friendly manner, with zooming and 3D options available. This is a significant change compared to the legacy service, bringing the new service to the level of top-performing EO services worldwide.

All services available on the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem are free of charge, enabling the execution of most use cases. Any user whose needs exceed the capacity and quotas on Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem is welcome to log in with a federated identity on CREODIAS to access a broader set of services or on a larger scale.

In parallel to the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem, we gradually enrich the offering of other services provided on CREODIAS, to develop the European EO ecosystem that is accessible to all users at any scale.

Without resting on the laurels, the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem roadmap of new services for the New Year is impressive. It includes On-Demand Production for Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, and Sentinel-3 products, further development of STAC API, delivery of Sentinel-1 bursts and the integration of Copernicus Contributing Missions datasets. All mentioned services will be gradually available from the first quarter of 2024. The above is just a snapshot of features and enrichments that are in development at this moment.