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CREODIAS at EuroGEOSS Sprint-to-Ministerial meeting

EuroGEOSS is Europe's part of the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS). It will allow Europe to position itself as global force in Earth observation thanks to the vast knowledge gained through running the Copernicus programme and others. GEOSS is a worldwide system which aims to use earth observation data to improve the lives of citizens and help governments make good, evidence-based decisions.

GEOSS is operated by the Group on Earth Observations (GEO). GEO is a partnership of more than 100 national governments, 100 participating organisations and the European Commission. GEO implements the GEOSS, the global Earth observation system of sytems. It envisions a future where decisions and measures for the benefit of humankind are informed by coordinated, comprehensive and sustained Earth observations. To implement this vision, GEO has divided the world into five regional areas. Europe is one of them and EuroGEOSS is the framework to combine the contributions of European GEO members.

The first meeting of EuroGEOSS took place in Brussels, from 12th to 13th of February 2019. CREODIAS delegation was present and took part in the dedicated DIAS presentions for interested parties.

Official CANDELA brochure now available

CANDELA aims at building a platform that delivers building blocks and services which enable users to quickly access and process massive Copernicus data.

The newest brochure is finally out, and you can download it here


CREODIAS - February update

CREODIAS, the platform that strives to provide you with the easiest access to EO data, continues to develop. With more and more data available, the platform is also expanding with its services. As of 1st of February 2019, we are offering new dedicated server configuration (DS) along with an updated price list. We believe that the new offer will satisfy the continuously growing demand for more efficient processing.

Thanks to feedback that we have gathered from users, we have decided to change our price list, in order to make the CREODIAS offer more attractive, especially in the field of ‘large’ machines. We are also proud to introduce new configurations of dedicated servers (1 VM per server, managed from a common interface) in response to growing customer expectations in the field of data processing (including a set equipped with a GPU card).

All the new services that are activated after the 1st of February, will be billed according to new parameters. For more information concerning current price packages and services, we invite users to contact the sales department.

EOMAG features 'CREODIAS - Knowledge from outer space for who?'

EOmag is the EARSC (European Association of Remote Sensing Companies) newsletter. EARSC is the European organization which –on a non-profit basis– promotes the use of Earth Observation (EO) technology and especially the companies in Europe which offer EO-related products and services.

Its newsletter is sent to over 3000 EO readers, and this latest edition contains two interesting articles that relate to CREODIAS.

CREODIAS - Knowledge from outer space for whom?

CloudFerro: It turns out that the forecasts of cloud computing from a few years ago were too cautious

We kindly invite you to read through the entire magazine.

Forestry TEP now on CREODIAS

The Forestry Thematic Exploitation Platform (Forestry TEP) serves commercial, governmental and research users in the forestry sector. It enables easy access to satellite data from any global location. The platform offers on-line processing services and tools to generate value-added forest information products. Via the platform, the users can also create and share their own processing services, tools and products.

The platform offers pre-processed optical and radar data from the Sentinel satellites of the EU Copernicus programme, as well as data from other instruments. In addition, ancillary data and third party data are made available. Versatile satellite image analysis and GIS software can be used through the platform. Easy to use push-button functionalities provide simple value added products such as vegetation indices. Other readily programmed services include computation of forest and land cover maps, change maps, and continuous forest variables such as growing stock volume.

The users can also develop and upload their own applications to the platform. In the near future operational phase the offering reaches to commercial satellite data, services and software. Some proprietary software is offered free during the ongoing pilot phase. The Forestry TEP also aims to facilitate collaboration and engagement between the users and value adding SME’s as service providers.

As of Monday 28th of January, Forestry TEP is now on CREODIAS. Our platform will help in data integration and will expand the current processing capability.