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The German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) is looking for solutions that use Copernicus data to solve major challenges faced by transport systems today. Submit your solution that uses Copernicus data. Explore the challenge and complete your submission as soon as possible to win prizes. Deadline for submission is 30th June!

One of the prize, apart from cash prize, networking opportunity and others, is 6 months access to the cloud computing resources on CODE-DE, which is German Copernicus Data and Exploitation Platform operated by CloudFerro. Due to the connection between CODE-DE and CREODIAS, users can benefit from access to the country specific data and rich data sources on European DIAS.

More information in the News section on CODE-DE platform: code-de.org

C3S Data ordering model

Products available on CREODIAS in most cases can be ordered directly through EO Finder ordering API. The C3S (Copernicus Climate Change Service) data need to be ordered in a different way. We have prepared for our users a step by step tutorial on how to order CDS (Climate Data Store) data. The ordered data will be ready to download and process on CREODIAS platform.

Learn more: how to order C3S products

New version of Sen4CAP

Sen4CAP team has released a new version of the software dedicated to agricultural monitoring based on satellite images. CREODIAS team has created an image of the machine that is ready to use right after installation. New software version will be available on CREODIAS platform since next week. 

Thanks to the update, several important parts of the software have been improved and several new ones have been added. Here are some important changes:


  - Script for importing THEIA products

  - Support for using download and usage of Sen2Cor L2A products (configurable via database)

  - Reports and statistics visualisation for the downloaded and pre-processed products


  - Updates for the new changes in USGS API

  - Various corrections in LPIS import module and L4A, L4B and L4C processors.

  - Correction in the S1 preview in the web interface


We will also prepare the update solution for already existing environments on CREODIAS Platform. If you are interested in Sen4CAP solution on CREODIAS please contact our sales team at sales@creodias.eu

Special offer for projects fighting COVID-19

To support the EU Space efforts to fight the pandemic or mitigate its impact, we prepared the special offer for researchers, public authorities and innovative service providers for their projects aimed at fighting the COVID-19. We offer free of charge cloud computing resources, along with free access to Earth Observation data on CREODIAS platform, very high resolution images on preferential terms or made available free of charge.

More information: special offer.

KazEOSat-1 and KazEOSat-2 available in our DATA OFFER

We're systematically expanding our offer of EODATA Archive by further collections. Today we are giving you the opportunity to search the archive and order new images from KGS Space Technology satellites.

The KazEOSat-1 is another satellite that provides VHR images. „NAOMI” (New AstroSat Optical Modular Instrument) Sensor mounted in KazEOSat-1 delivers images in panchromatic band with 1m spatial resolution with additional multispectral bands from R,G,B to NIR. On the other hand the KazEOSat-2 puts in our hands „KEIS” (Kazakh Earth Imaging System) sensor with multispectral bands from R,G,B and Red-edge to NIR - by operating spatial resolution of 6,5m.

The full specification and characteristics of the individual satellites are available in the documentation available here.

If you have any questions about VHR images or would like to order, please contact our sales department: sales@creodias.eu.


The following sample photo is available in full resolution here.