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Test our CREODIAS platform for free

Register to CREODIAS at our customer portal

After you registered – you can start downloading satellite products using our data tools

EO Finder

EO Browser


If you represent a company or institution

You can obtain a free test credit and be able to run cloud computing and storage tools – read more


Apply for a free credit of 150 Euro and answer few short questions so we can get to know you better


Wait for our contact (up to 1 working day)


You obtained a test credit – you can see it in your CREODIAS platform account summary. You can also use the CREODIAS support – in case of problems/questions contact our support via or email:


Now you can run your first processing tools:

Run your first cloud VM

Get to your VM using ssh


Find Earth Observation (EO) satellite products of your interest using EO Finder

See the products in the repository using your VM

Process EO products using selected software


Manage your computing resources using cloud Dashboard. Read more about dashboard.