Hybrid Cloud

CloudFerro is a provider of Hybrid Cloud service dedicated for the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecast (ECMWF) – CDS Hybrid Cloud. Hybrid cloud consists of private cloud, placed in client’s location of Reading, UK, and the access to the public EO Cloud, owned by CloudFerro and localised in Warsaw, Poland. Both solutions are based on the open source cloud system called OpenStack.

Technology provided by CloudFerro contains all crucial components required for the efficient utilisation of the cloud-computing instances in many so called flavours, memory resources, both fast (built on SSD and NVM) and based on a magnetic storage, virtual networks and devices (such as FWaaS or LBaaS), tailored scripts and full access via versatile API. Having decided for the hybrid cloud service, a customer has also fully dedicated server virtual instances at full disposal.

Additionally, EO Cloud provides the access to the enormous (approx. 6 PB of data) repository of Earth Observation (EO) data from European Copernicus system. Moreover, the private cloud in Reading constantly cooperates with a gigantic (approx. 150 PB of data stored on the tapes) repository of climate data.

Cloud Ferro provided CDS Hybrid Cloud to ECMWF in the light of a victorious open tender. The current contract is worth 1,3 mln Euro. It is currently the biggest and most ambitious cloud technology solution supplied to the international institution by the Polish company. As for today, the Reading cloud guarantees approx. 3 500 computing vCores, approx. 7 TB of RAM and more than 1 PB of storage.

The cloud is being provided in a service mode and managed exclusively by CloudFerro. Furthermore, a customer has a constant access to the EO Cloud’s resources.

The presented service combines both the advantages of private and public clouds. It contains the full-scale dedication of resources and robust, cutting-edge security measures, reinforced by the infrastructure’s placement in the customer’s HQ. Additionally, the private cloud’s resources are placed closely to the enormous data repository which belongs to the client.

The private cloud guarantees quick and easy enlargement of available resources. Each and every one of the clouds are being managed and billed in the service mode, thus the client is not required to undertake any kind of investments.

OpenStack utilised in CDS is immeasurably complex, rich and versatile service platform founded upon the idea of open community. It is very safe to say it is exactly the same for cloud solutions what Linux is for operating systems. CloudFerro specialises in OpenStack service and, up to date, is a vital provider of OpenStack-oriented solutions in Europe.


Within the frames of the European Space Agency project EO Innovative Platform Testbed Poland (EO IPT) a vast repository of Earth observation data gathered by satellites from all over the world has been built in Poland. Polish consortium of CloudFerro and Creotech Instruments together with a German company Brockmann Consult have built an infrastructure and is responsible for providing services enabling commercial and scientific users to obtain and process satellite data.

The database infrastructure is accompanied by virtual and bare-metal computing servers where the commercial and scientific users can run dedicated applications.

Within the frames of the project CloudFerro and its partners have built an enormous repository of satellite data – right now there is about 5 000 TB (5 PB) of data available to its users. This is complete data from the whole period of operation and from the whole world obtained by satellites Sentinel-2, Sentinel-3, Envisat, Landsat-2, Landsat-5, Landsat-7 and the so-called ESA/Landsat-8, Sentinel-1 GRD data and selected data from Sentinel-1 SLC (Europe and surrounds).

The data is processed by computing cloud which at present has: 1 500 virtual cores , 7 TB RAM, 500 TB of dedicated disk space.

CloudFerro EO Cloud platform is open to all other users both from Poland and the rest of Euro. The platform is available at a fee, however, members of the scientific community are treated preferentially. Companies providing commercial services of processing data from the satellites will be able to use a dedicated system operating on the basis of the CloudFerro EO Cloud infrastructure.

CloudFerro EO Cloud is the basic tool for processing satellite data for the users in this part of the world.