Processing and Storing EO

In this scenario VMs and physical servers, provisioned in long term contracts, connect to the EO data via Data Services and then process the data and the resulting products are again saved to the big data EO Data Store and added to the search indexes. The final results can be then accessed by other Third Parties. The Third Party can access its environment via a VPN as a Service module.

qntydescrmonthlyyearly budgetyearly (per month)yearly budget
Internet access8,3399,988,3399,98average 0,5 Mbit/s inbound + outbound
Bare Metal2bm.large850,0010200,00722,508670,00
Object storage60TB1836,0022032,001836,0022032,00
Figure 1 -  Scenario 2; prices in Euro
Figure 2 -  Scenario 2