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Building added value under Horizon Europe with CREODIAS


Read below how CREODIAS platform answers the requirements of the Horizon Europe programme calls and how the CREODIAS EO data repository and cloud services can support your application for the funds for your research projects. A special focus is given to the European Green Deal roadmap with the use of the Copernicus programme and Big Data solutions.


Horizon Europe is one of the most prestigious funding opportunity for the commercial and research sector, with the budget of €95.5 billion for 2021-2027 perspective. This ambitious programme of an unprecedented scale aims to fulfil green, safe and sustainable future for European citizens. Nowadays, many teams endeavour to prepare a perfect Horizon Europe proposal, striving to incorporate into its scope proper services, vast data resources and a rich scientific portfolio. It is also crucial to assure the best possible data source and processing powers capable of fulfilling and accomplishing the project aims. Therefore, CREODIAS platform can be of great help and including it in your proposal can strongly raise your chance for success in obtaining the grants.


Why CREODIAS is a good option

R&D projects require a huge amount of data for testing, analysing and operating that may reach even a few gigabytes or terabytes, therefore it cannot be easily done locally on your own devices. That data has to be processed fast and efficiently on a scalable infrastructure dedicated to particular needs, such as cloud platforms operated by CloudFerro WEkEO, CODE-DE, CDS and CREODIAS:

● Their usage is much cheaper and faster.

● They are areproperly designed by teams with unique expertise.

● They are integrated with a multipetabyte Earth observation data repository.

Creating new value chains based on Earth observation

Developing new innovative applications using Big Data, AI, Copernicus programme data, satellite and EGNSS technologies is reasonably only with online, quick and reliable access to a data repository, like the one available on CREODIAS. All the important parameters of CREODIAS cloud environment can be suited exactly to specific subjects, types of data and the maturity of solution. CloudFerro provides a Jupyter Hub, offering a number of notebooks with different programming languages, where you can prepare and test your prototypes. By using cloud computing platform you can leverage your Big Data solutions even higher, like it was done in Horizon 2020 projects: Centurion or Forest Digital Earth Precursor.

In January 2022, CREODIAS operated 26 PB of EO data and had demonstrated capabilities to disseminate 2PB of data daily. In addition, there is over 90 PB ready-to-use online storage prepared for CREODIAS partners and users.


EUSPA SPACE call for applications

The opportunities and profits of building green applications were presented in a webinar organised by CloudFerro on December 9th, 2021. Ms Chiara Solimini from the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) presented one of the current calls in the space domain, HORIZON-EUSPA-2021-SPACE-02-51. The challenge is to develop applications combining EGNSS and Copernicus advantages to foster the European Green Deal. CloudFerro solutions could leverage any idea of this topic by providing easy and quick access to EO products together with dedicated cloud computing services. The submitted proposals need to cover at least one of the following topics:

● climate

● green energy

● natural hazards

● green mobility

● green resources

● food security

● biodiversity and ecosystems


CloudFerro Horizon portfolio

CloudFerro draws on the experience in the following R&D projects where it has provided infrastructure as well as expert knowledge assurance:

Forest DTEP: part of Digital Twin Earth Precursor and Destination Earth

Impressive: marine pollution risk assessment and emergency management

AI4Copernicus: AI functional models on demand platform

Centurion: AI applications for Big Earth Data


Business Data Spaces Alliance

Under the Horizon Europe Scheme, the European Commission also funds projects aiming to establish a strong digital foundation for the future. As a GAIA-X member, CloudFerro participates in building future European data environment standards. A federated data access system has been described as a company use case “Earth observation data analysis in a trustworthy cloud environment” and any interested player is welcome to join in to develop and gain from the ideas mentioned or their derivatives. The European Union has assured financing for that kind of projects under the Digital Europe Programme, through which it announces Data Spaces Business Alliance calls that could be a chance for anybody willing to build data spaces in any sector.

CloudFerro has significant expertise in Big Data cloud Horizon projects:

● EOSC-hub: integration and management of the future EOSC

C-Scale: federation of European EO infrastructure services.


Horizon Europe invitation for collaboration

As in previous years, CloudFerro is willing to collaborate on many different levels providing cloud infrastructure or expertise. Joining new teams and challenges of Horizon Europe projects is very encouraging and it motivates to further enhance business capabilities. Collaboration can bring added value to all of the project stakeholders, including the environment, society and business.

If you are willing to participate in the Horizon Europe with any subject requiring big data or Earth observation processing, supported by cloud services, please contact us. No matter if your idea is of scientific or operational nature, CloudFerro team will support you in increasing its potential with CREODIAS platform.

Please feel free to ask questions at horizon@cloudferro.com



Dr Sylwia Nasiłowska, Project Manager at CloudFerro