Sentinel-2: Resolution Enhancer (s2enh)

The products of the Copernicus satellites over the past years have contributed to many projects that have resulted in a significant improvement in the standard of living and have developed a trend in the demand for satellite data.

Sentinel-2 satellite images, or more precisely their resolution, have not always proved to be 100% sufficient for projects that required greater precision. By leveraging technology based on the latest capabilities such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as experience with satellite imagery, a solution has been achieved.

The combination resulted in a hybrid solution, which allows for object enhancement in images for 8 spectral channels with simultaneous preservation of radiometric quality, which is essential for example in natural environment analysis.

Multilayer processing

The result of the processing is a multilayer geoTIFF file prepared on the basis of the Sentinel-2 L2A product. The usage of the solution gives the possibility to access current and historical data of the Sentinel-2 system in the so far unavailable resolution of 2.5m GSD.

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Sentinel-2: Resolution Enhancer solution brings with it many benefits that come from greater detail, which in basic imaging has not been available so far. The solution allows for:

  • The ability to identify buildings,
  • Clear boundaries between fields,
  • Increased precision of environmental analyses,
  • Ability to automate analysis of smaller objects e.g. narrow agricultural plots, roads.

S2ENH Processor

The s2enh processor, just like the other processors available on the CREODIAS platform, is accessed via the Finder tool. Each user can easily and quickly use the processor by choosing the area of interest, the time period from which products are needed and then make an order, additionally choosing the location of the results in the form of a private object storage bucket.

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The solution based on serverless processing simplifies the form of service and billing to the maximum. This allows the user to:

  • Billing for processing per square kilometer,
  • Only the size of the area of interest is calculated and not the whole Sentinel tile,
  • It is possible to process a small area continuously based on the Sentinel time series,
  • No minimum area order size/value as with commercial satellites

Use the arrows and swipe to compare the image of 10 m and 2.5 m resolutions

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