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Your Body Language Can Attract Him



The major body language gesture from a woman to a man to tell him she is interested is the smile. It crosses all cultural lines. Generally, the way a woman first contacts a man in order to connect is to smile, look away, look back and give a half smile, look down, and finally, make eye contact. This non-verbal dance will go on until one of them moves close enough to talk. If neither does, they will tire of the exchange with each other and choose someone else in the crowd to notice.

Eye Contact

The second most important body language signal is eye contact. If you can hold someone’s gaze for a short time, look down, look up again, and still see them looking at you, you have made eye contact. Staring into someone’s eyes relentlessly can scare them, so you don’t need to over-do it. But a smile followed by on-going eye contact means you have probably made a connection.


When a woman looks at a man and then flips or fluffs her hair, that gesture is a strong signal that she is interested in him. However, when a man runs his fingers through his hair when he approaches a woman, he is nervous.


The direction your toes or chest are pointing when you are talking to a guy speaks volumes on how you feel about him. The same is true for men. If the center of your chest (heart zone) is facing someone, this is a good sign you are interested. If his toes are pointed away from you, this signals that he wants to walk away and move in another direction.

Unconscious and Unattractive Behaviors

Some behaviors indicate that you are uncomfortable or nervous. You might not mean to send him away, but if you do some of the following, he may look for someone easier to talk to:

·Shaking your foot or your leg vigorously

·Twisting a piece of your hair

·Picking at your fingers, or drumming them on the table

·Biting your nails

·Crunching ice or hard candy

·Chewing gum loudly

Ask your friends what habits and body movements you have that you might not be aware of. Knowledge is power. Body language speaks louder than words.

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