Automatic Download (using python)?

Automatic Download (using python)?
5/27/20 2:04 PM
Hey Guys,
I am trying to download a lot of data that I can get using the finder-API (,25.471802+58.81658600000003,26.872559000000003+58.81658600000003,26.872559000000003+58.031372000000005,25.471802+58.031372000000005))&dataset=ESA-DATASET).

I can download all the scenes manually by clicking them in the finder and save them, but this would take a lot of time and feel dumb ;) . Is there a way I can auto-download the images, if possible maybe even using python? (Comparable to sentinelsat for the copernicus-hub?)

Today is my first contact with CREODIAS, thus I might just need a hint in the right direction because I didn't find the right information by now.

EDIT: I managed to download single files using requests.urllib.get() but unfortunately the token is changing thus I need to find a way to create one on a Windows-Machine


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