Storage and dissemination of data
Powerful front-end solution with Load Balancer as a Service together with 5 strong cloud Virtual Machines (VMs) working as web servers with possibility to dynamically increase number of VM web servers. Security rules defining access to front-end servers. Virtual network connecting front-end and backend servers. Two dedicated server VM backend servers. Access to Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication and authorization. 300 TB of monthly data transfer, easily scalable.

Big data storage for a big amount of data (e.g. 1 PB = 1000 TB).

  • Easily deployable and scalable big data storage, connected to indexing and finding mechanism
  • Easily scalable fronted infrastructure
  • Powerful backend
  • No internet traffic limits
  • Well forseeable budget
  • Full customization of front-end
  • EU based and located provider
Budget: from 25,000 Euro/month; see/configure shopping cart