Thank you to all who submitted the entries to the 3rd edition of our contest “Seize the beauty of our Planet” for the best satellite image of the Earth depicting water.

Not only are they beautiful, but they also clearly present climate changes that affected water areas, contributing to raising the awareness of the need for water protection for all of us.

Go to the contest page, where from November 2nd, you will see all the amazing satellite images, and where you can cast your vote for the best one.

The winning images chosen in public voting and by a Jury will compose a calendar for 2023 that will be distributed among leading institutions of the EO sector and all the winners. Let's act together to protect water on Earth!

Go to the contest page

The operator of CREODIAS, a platform aiming to provide all possible Earth Observation data in one place, has signed a reseller agreement with Planet Labs GmbH. Right now CREODIAS users can additionally benefit from Planet's products and imagery on commercial terms.

Planet provides solutions such as Planet Monitoring, the service uses almost 200 CubeSat satellites. Thanks to this huge number of microsatellites we can monitor the area we need every day at a resolution of up to 3.7m in 4 multispectral channels with revisits of up to 90 minutes.

For that, the Planet Tasking service gives us access to SkySat satellite tasking with a resolution of 0.5m also in four multispectral channels.

All services are available in a user-friendly web environment, and for full automation, access via API is provided.

The extensive archive of satellite products dates back as far as 2009.

Please, contact us for more information at