We ensure business continuity


For CloudFerro that is the operator of Creodias platform, maintaining the highest quality of customer service is a priority. We are committed to operate in a responsible manner, without exposing our employees, partners and clients to risk. We monitor the current situation on an ongoing basis and adjust our actions if necessary, but at the same time we provide uninterrupted services to our customers.

Plan to ensure the continuity of operations (BCP) in times of crisis

CloudFerro is maintaining Business Continuity Plan within ISO 27001 ISMS. Key assumptions of BCP cover:

  • Technical means for services continuity
  • Technical / operational means for day-to-day remote personnel communication
  • Organizational means for maintaining the continuity of the decision chain

Actions taken in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic

The Covid-19 situation required implementation of a few steps, adaptive approach, in-line with the development of Coronavirus crisis.

  • We implemented the first steps on the February 26, including internal communication to employees informing about the threat of Covid-19 and obliging them to comply with the regulations of the National Sanitary Chamber. All our employees have been informed to take any precautionary measures that are recommended by local authorities to make sure they don’t put themselves, their families, our Partners and Customers at any risk.
  • In the next step we moved most of our employees to fully remote work mode, while ensuring all customer operations are going smoothly.
  • We restricted any travels and are using digital way of communication.
  • We introduced separation of teams to maintain operational capability in case of illness in one of the teams.  
  • We practice employee substitution: we have trained employees, who can take over others duties in case of their unavailability.
  • We cooperate closely with our partners and subcontractors, monitoring the current situation to mitigate possible risk.

Contact our customer support

If you have any query regarding the impact of a pandemic on Creodias services, please contact our customer support: