Sen4CAPv3.1 available for testing on CREODIAS WAW3-1 cloud

We are pleased to inform you that Sen4CAP version 3.1 released mid-July is now available on the CREODIAS WAW3-1 cloud for testing. This version includes MAJA 4.5.4 which fixes problems with Sentinel-2 Level-2A pre-processing that has been introduced by the new processing baseline 4.0.

The OpenStack image available on the WAW3-1 cloud which corresponds to this version is called "CentOS 7 + Sen4CAP 3.1 SRTM". Additionally, we have released the Sen4CAP 3.1 image that is suited for processing Sentinel-1 data in 2022 using 12 days intervals instead of 6 days. This modification is needed due to the malfunction of Sentinel-1B which has doubled the temporal revisit time from 6 to 12 days.

In order to test the new Sen4CAPv3.1 software please create a new account on the WAW3-1 cloud. The new WAW3-1 cloud provides a number of improvements including easy to use Kubernetes as a service.

To learn how to test the Sen4CAP system please refer to our Webinars:

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Please keep in mind that depending on the size of your AOI (Area Of Interest) you will need at least 2 TB of disk space so please enlarge your disk volume while creating the VM (virtual machine) by selecting YES for Create New Volume option in the “Source” tab in the OpenStack Horizon interface.