CREODIAS platform supported Spanish Paying Agencies (PAs) for crop yield monitoring. PAs have been established by EU Member States to control Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) support measures. The new concept of CAP monitoring is to replace the current, sample based OTSC activity with a full country assessment based on frequent high-resolution imagery from the Sentinel-1 and -2 sensors and appropriate follow up measures.

CREODIAS has provided continuous production of CARD (Copernicus Analysis Ready Data) based on Sentinel imagery for whole area of Spain as well as computing and storage resources to enable processing of CARD and LPIS data.

The project has proven that the CREODIAS platform is fully capable of performing such complex analysis as those used by CAP monitoring and is ready to support all member states in their tasks. All services used by the project including on-demand products generation are currently production services available to all users and can be easily incorporated into existing or newly developed processing chains by the agencies or the agricultural analysis solution providers.

For more information see the video

Video was prepared by the Paying Agency of Murcia and the IMIDA - Instituto Murciano de Investigación y Desarrollo Agrario y Alimentario (Research Institute). It depicts its experience in monitoring an important area of rice crop using the service provided by the CREODIAS platform.