RUS-Copernicus: completion of the project at the end of December 2021

RUS-Copernicus, the Research and User Support Service, especially addressing end-users of Sentinel core products and datasets, in the European countries, will end operations on December 31st. 


Over the past four years, RUS-Copernicus has been offering its registered users a powerful computational environment, in the form of customized Virtual Machines, preinstalled with a wide variety of open-source toolboxes. 

Scientific advice and technical support were also part of the service, for application-driven Sentinel data processing and visualization. 


The aim was clearly to foster the use of Copernicus Sentinel images and support a large number of users: students, university teachers, researchers, engineers, and policy or decision-makers to access, process, analyze, and integrate Sentinel products for Atmosphere, Land, and Marine monitoring applications. 


Since October 2020, RUS-Copernicus also relied on the services of DIAS (like CREODIAS) and cloud providers, strengthening such a powerful infrastructure with expert hands-on training. 


Over these 4 years of activity, the RUS service served an overall number of 3,700 users, supplying 68 training courses, 52 webinars, supporting 22 training-of-trainers sessions, offering 3,597 virtual computing resources, and managing around 6,000 support calls/tickets. 


RUS-Copernicus supplied the technical support and training resources that society needed, after the successful launches of Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 missions. 

The service was also widely instrumental in promoting cloud-services usage, as well as the employment of virtual training rooms, online helpdesk support, and webinars which turned especially adapted during the period of the pandemic. 


RUS-Copernicus will conclude its activity on Friday, December 31s t 2021. 

But a large number of training materials will remain accessible worldwide, on the RUS-Copernicus YouTube channel; 

Furthermore, for one month, it will still be possible to download the step-by-step tutorials currently accessible, on the RUS-Copernicus portal, as these training activities paved the way for future take-up enterprises of Copernicus and other innovative services.