Old but gold – historical EO data available online and widely used

Old but gold- historical EO data available online and commonly used


CREODIAS is one of the most widely used platforms for EO data. Below you can find some interesting facts about dissemination and use of data by our users: 


  • More than 60% of retrievals concerns data older than 2 years 

  • Retrievals statistics are based on CREODIAS users in the last 3 months 

  • There were almost 3 billion retrievals 


Important: there are many projects that require not only the most recent online Earth Observation data, but also immediately available historical data. This type of data can be reached by CREODIAS users at any time without any delay or limitations which makes CREODIAS a unique data offer compared to other Earth observation platforms. 


Read an article about the use of historical satellite data.


Below you can find the percentage of EO data retrievals split by the age of products retrieved by CREODIAS platform users ( summary data for Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, Sentinel-3 and Sentinel-5p)






Below you can find the statistics of Copernicus mission collection presented by transferred data split by satellite for 3 months. 


Below you can find the detailed statistics of data retrievals (in percentages) by the CREODIAS users. Split by the age of product acquisition for each Copernicus satellite.