Oi-X Green Mobility hackathon powered by CREODIAS

The CREODIAS platform gladly supports hackathons and IT challenges that use Earth Observation data from Copernicus. We offer access to our data repositorium as well as our powerful cloud computing environment so that such hackathons can take place in a swift manner.

Last week, Oi-X Green Mobility took place Lyngby, Demmark. Among the key tasks were:

 - focus on personal transport from a-b on a day-to-day basis connected to a health perspective

 - use satellite data for research to analyze infrastructure related perspectives on green mobility.

The list of challenges are available here


  • Oi-X Info Lunch & Webinar: 09. October 2019
  • Oi-X Developer Weekend: 25-27 October 2019   
  • Oi-X Finals: 06. November 2019