New Virtual Machines with AMD processors

CloudFerro has launched a new VM product line which work on hardware platforms equipped with AMD EPYC2 processors.

In response to a growing demand for computing power, CloudFerro has launched a new Virtual Machine product line – EO2A. All EO2A virtual machines work on hardware platforms equipped with AMD EPYC2 processors.

Creating a Virtual Machine of the new line, customers can benefit from:

    Additional hardware platform based on AMD EPYC2 processors
    Availability of all new processor instructions
    New big VM flavor with 16 Vcores and 64 GB RAM – eo2a.3xlarge
    Up to 50% higher computing power, comparing to other configurations, depending on applications
    Improved RAM performance

The introduction of new configurations based on AMD hardware platform broadens CloudFerro’s  offer. Some scenarios show that setting up larger Virtual Machines significantly reduces processing time. This allows customers to better adapt their processing environment to their needs and in result achieve greater flexibility, cost effectiveness, faster processing and optimal performance.

Following the introduction of new GPU configurations, the launch of new VM’s line is part of CloudFerro’s strategy to expand the IaaS offer.

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