Full Sentinel-1 GRD data available on EO Cloud

All the current and historical (since beginning of operation in 2014) radar reflectivity data from satellites Sentinel-1 are available for processing on EO DIAS platform. Newly acquired data are published without delays after they appear at ESA/Copernicus dissemination centres. EO Cloud provides full set of Sentinel-1 GRD data - for the whole world and the whole time span of Senitnel-1 operations together with Sentinel-1 SLC data for Europe and surrounding areas. 

The data is available for all land areas over the world, for ocean in Arctic and Antarctic regions, and for some seas (e.g. Baltic, Mediterranean, Caspian, or American Great Lakes). Interesting data may easily be selected using EO Data Finder tool

The data may be either processed further by Sentinel-1 Toolbox package, available for all on EO DIAS platform, other processing software, or visualized using EO-Browser . EO Browser package provides visualisations of all data collections available on EO DIAS, providing also access in WMS/WMTS format.