New features on CREODIAS Finder

We managed to implement new features for CREODIAS Finder with our recent update. 

Since launch, it has been always possible to search through the CREODIAS API for products based on the timeliness criteria widely used in collections like Sentinel-1 or Sentinel-3, and now this feature is available also in the UI. The user can now limit the results of the query to the NRT or STC products by simple selection from the drop-down menu.

Another new feature in the UI is the orbit number criteria enabled for the Sentinels. Now following selectors are available:

  • Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2: Relative Orbit Number
  • Sentinel-3: Relative Orbit Start
  • Sentinel-5P: Absolute Orbit Number

Head over to the CREODIAS Finder to find out about the changes yourself.