Load Balancer as a Service on CREODIAS

Load Balancer is a service that listens for requests, and then forwards those requests on to servers within a pool. There are many reasons why you should take advantage of this functionality, but the most common situations are when you are trying to get a high-availability architecture, and when you need more performance than a single server can provide.

The load balancer occupies Openstack neutron network port and has an IP address assigned from a subnet. Load balancers can listen for requests on multiple ports. Each one of those ports is specified by a listener. A pool holds a list of members that serve content through the load balancer. Members are servers that serve traffic behind a load balancer. Each member is specified by the IP address and port that it uses to serve traffic. Members may go offline from time to time and health monitors divert traffic away from members that are not responding properly. Health monitors are associated with pools.

LBaaS is available now for all CREODIAS users. For more information, we invite you to check our the user documentation website -