Living Planet Symposium

Attracting thousands of scientists and data users, ESA’s Living Planet Symposia are amongst the biggest Earth observation conferences in the world. For decades now Earth observation has played a fundamental role in advancing our understanding of how our planet works and how it is being affected by climate change. While the need to continue to advance our knowledge and monitor global change remains paramount, Earth observation has entered a new era where it is playing a key role in a myriad of everyday applications to improve daily lives and is also becoming increasingly relevant for the competitive business sector.

We took part in this 5-day event, hosting a booth for interested parties to come along and learn about our features. We would like to thank all those that came by and spoke with us about Earth Observation data, cloud computing and the opportunities for business with CREODIAS. We will be releasing a summary video soon, so make sure you stay up-to-date with our social media accounts.